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Peru expeditions - Huaraz - Tripadvisor!

Volunteer Teaching English Program in Unchus Community, Huaraz-Peru
Peru Expeditions - community volunteer projects are based around rural village outside the Huaraz, we are working in a new Project for our village Unchus.

Located high among the spectacular Andes Mountains in the Cordillera Blanca our projects focus in our local community development.
Our new Project for 2017 - Volunteers in this program teach English to local Peruvian students in English schools. The schools are in need of English speaking volunteers on a regular basis.

In this program, you will be asked to teach 2 classes a day of 60 minutes each or will be just a teacher assistant to improve the pronunciation and English skills of the students. Learners are from 10 to 15 years old .  
Volunteers are provided with a fixed-curriculum. Teaching materials and the position is supported by a local a teacher coordinator. Our volunteers are asked by school authorities to develop their own projects to help students learn English. As a volunteer you will work for 50 minutes or 1 hrs and 30 minutes maximun in a day for 5 days in a week.
Volunteering in a Teaching Project in Peru is an incredibly rewarding and challenging experience for volunteers wherein they can gain valuable international teaching experience alongside assisting the Peruvian students in English studies.

Volunteer Teaching English Program in Unchus - VIDEO 2014

Program Requirements
Volunteers must be 17 years or older at the beginning of the program. Volunteers need to have an open mind and flexible attitude for working in a new and different environment. You should have love for children, plenty of patience and understanding and enthusiasm to make a difference. You do not need formal teaching qualifications or formal teacher training. Volunteers need to have a basic - intermediate level of Spanish for this program. 
Project Location
The project placements are located in and around the city of Huaraz. Most of the volunteer projects are located at a distance of 15-20 minutes from the accommodations and volunteers travel by either bus, colectivo or taxis depending upon the distance. 
During your Free Time
Volunteers are free to visit and see places or do shopping during their free time. On the weekends most of the volunteers plan a trip to hiking Laguna Churup, Laguna 69, Laguna Wilcacocha, Laguna Ahuac, Lagunas Llanganuco, glaciar Pastoruri and Puya raymondi or some treks with camping around the National Park Huascaran, also other option to visit Culture Wilcahuain, Chavin de Wantar and some baños termanes close Huaraz city. you can walk around Plaza de Armas and explore the different restaurants and shopping áreas, for sure also you can visit Callejon de Huaylas the villages Carhuas, Yungay and Caraz, this small cities with diferent tropic climas and with the view of the Cordillera Blanca. 
What we provide
Bus station/ Transfer: Volunteers are picked up from the bus terminal station in Huaraz by the local coordinator or representative.

Orientation: A half day orientation will be provided by the local staff. Areas like culture, greetings, locations, transportation, safety and volunteer placements are given during the orientation.

The orientation will be given by the local staff in Huaraz.  
Lodging: Click here
Volunteers are provided accommodation with local host families. By staying with a host family you will experience the local culture, customs and Peruvian way of living. Volunteers are hosted in shared bedrooms with other volunteers.
Food: Typical food in the area
Volunteers are provided with three cooked meals a day (Monday- Saturday) at the host family house.

Meals vary from day to day and generally include soups, vegetable salad, rice, potatoes, juice, dessert etc.
In Unshus we will serve you typical food, like for example Quinoa Soup, Llunca and Pachamanca (a very special meal and tradition of the Incas). This meal is prepared by hand.

First you have to build a stone oven and heat it up for about an hour.

Then you put some things in the stone oven like potatoes, yams, tamales, corn, chicken, pork, beef, etc. The last step is to bury everything with earth and let it steam for around an hour.
Traditional Festivals
April 26: celebration of Easter, tribute to Mr UNCHUS the San Miguel Arcanguel, and October 06: patronal festival with bullfights and fireworks

During those festivals we eat a lot of guinea pig and other typical dishes of the area and practice our traditional dances.
In – Country travel assistance:
Volunteers have the option to purchase Travel and Medical Insurance at a nominal extra cost from Volunteering Solutions. To buy insurance from Volunteering Solutions, please click here 
In-country support:
24 hours support provided by our local staff. You will be provided with the contact details of the local coordinator and staff who will be contactable 24 hrs once you are in country. 
Pre-departure information:  
After we receive full and final payment all participants are provided by a pre-departure information booklet by e-mail which will have all vital information about your program. The Pre Departure Information Booklet provides the complete details of the country, project locations, Visas, Immunizations, Things to Pack list, Accommodations, Contact Information etc. 

What’s included:

  • Food: full board: breakfast, lunch, dinner (typical food, including Pachamanca)
  • Single or shared room
  • Cordinator in English and Quechua language (Local Guide: Juventino Martin Albino Caldua)
  • Walk around town (duration 1 hour and 30 min) or hikes to Lagunas Llaca, Laguna Palcacocha, Laguna Churup and Laguna Tulpacocha

What’s not included:

  • Local transportation or taxi
  • Food and drinks in the city of Huaraz
  • IGV (Peruvian sales taxes)
We are looking forward to welcome you in our community!


Pachamanca in Unchus with Juventino Albino Caldua and Dina Lliuya Reyes

Dates and Prices

Tour Information:

Season: On recuest.

On recuest.

On recuest.

Juventino Albino

On recuest.

Participants: Minimal: 2  Maximal: 15

Country / Location:

Local Cordinator:
Juventino Albino Caldua

Other dates / additional info:
Contact Us.

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Dina Andrea Lliuya Reyes
Dina Andre Lliuya Reyes

Juventino Martin Albino Caldua
Juventino Albino Caldua
Mountain Guide

Asociación de Guías de Montaña del Perú - AGMP

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Juventino Albino Caldua
Mountain Guide & Tour Operator
Mobile: +51 943780600

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