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Peru expeditions - Huaraz - Tripadvisor!

PERU: Individual - one of the most beautiful trekking in the worldTrekking in Cordillera Huayhuash + Nevado Diablo Mudo (5350 m)

The Cordillera Huayhuash is a mountain region south of the famous Cordillera Blanca and comprises a closed mountain group with 6 summit over 6.000 meter high and further 15 ones with over 5.400 meters. The whole region of the Cordillera Huayhuash ranges over 165 kilometres and is almost not developed concerning its infrastructure.

Bigger cities in the nearer environment are Chiquian, Pacllon, Llamac and Cajatambo. The surrounding tour of the area is often carried out by professional mountain guides.

The price for this tour component varies according to its length - please contact us for further information

Trekking in Cordillera Huayhuash

We offer:

  • Bus and taxi transfers within the country
  • All accommodations in simple tents
  • Organization of the mentioned tours including a local mountain guide
  • Meals during the days we are on tour
  • Rented equipment
  • Mules and a Mulero

Not included:

  • Travel accident and health insurance
  • Travel luggage and Travel cancellation insurance
  • Not mentioned food and beverages
  • Tips
  • Personal Spending
Trekking Huayhuash - Video 2013

Special requirements:

A good physical fitness is desired and definitely a huge advantage

Extension of the trip:

On request

Further information:

We offer a wide range on additional tour components that can be combined with this package

Tour program:

Day 1: Huaraz - Pocpa Village - Camp Cuartelhuain (4250 m)
Day 2: Matacancha - Cacanan Punta (4700 m) - Laguna Mitucocha (4300 m)
Day 3: Mitucocha – Punta Carhuac (4650 m) – Laguna Carhuacocha (4200 m)
Day 4: Carhuacocha - Pass Siula (4900 m) - Quesillococha/Huayhuash (4330 m)
Day 5: Huayhuash (4330 m) - Pass Portachuelo (4730 m) - Viconga (4400 m)
Day 6: Viconga - Punta Cuyoc (5020 m) - Huanacpatay (4325 m)
Day 7: Huanacpatay - Before Pueblo Huayllapa (3600 m) - in direction Punta Tapush; Camp Huatiac (4300 m)
Day 8: Huatiac - Punta Tapush (4800 m) - Laguna Susucocha - Cashpapampa (4500 m)
Day 9: Cashpapampa - Punta Yaucha (4870 m) - Camp Jahuacocha (4066 m). Option: ascent Diablo Mudo (5350 m)
Day 10: Trekking Jahuacocha - Pampa Llamac (4300 m) - Huaraz

Trekking Mini Cordillera Huayhuash - Video 2014

Paso Yaucha - Trekking in Cordillera Huayhuash

Detail Program:

1. Day: Huaraz - Pocpa Village - Camp Cuartelhuain (4250 m)

Pocpa Today we head off to the Cordillera Huayhuash, to Llamac, the starting point for surrounding the Cordillera Huayhuash.

After 1,5 hours we have reached the 3.250 meters high village. Now we will hike for one hour past the river towards Garahualanca where we can take a fantastic picture of the Huayhuash range.

Further 2 hours later and after a few ups and downs we arrive at Pocpa, a small Andean village at a hight of 3450 meters.

Later on it goes further up, up to 4000 meters high, our camp Cuartelhuain or Matacancha is located right there.

In between we get to see mines of Palca. All in all we have to expect 7 hours of walk for today.

2. Day: Matacancha - Cacanan Punta (4700 m) - Laguna Mitucocha (4300 m)

Laguna Ninacocha From Cuartelhain we will carry on upward.
Over narrow serpentines we climb up further towards the pass of Cacanan at a height of 4700 meters.

Only 400 meters further down the marvellous Laguna Mitucocha is located.

Here we will build up our camp.
All in all it takes us about 5 hours for this trip to the camp.
Who has some dispensible energy left, can climb up further 200meters up high, until reaching the Laguna Ninacocha, one of the most beautiful mountain lakes of the Cordillera.

Directly above us appear two enormous ice giants, namely the Rondoy and the Jirishanca.

3. Day: Mitucocha – Punta Carhuac (4650 m) – Laguna Carhuacocha (4200 m)

Laguna Carhuacocha On the right hand side a fantastic high valley appears, which we will also cross.

A bit later we will climb on until reaching the Punta Carhuac after 3 hours of walk.

Here we will see the Yerupaja for the first time, with its 6634 meters the second highest mountain of Peru.

Next to it numerous other high summits appear, for instance Siula Grande or Jirishanca.

The further course of the way leads us down towards the deep blue lagoon Carhuacocha.

This is the perfect place to build up our camp. At a height of 4200 meters it is quite comfortably warm, the views are terrific! Today’s routes should be managed within 5 hours.

4. Day: Carhuacocha - Pass Siula (4900 m) - Quesillococha/Huayhuash (4330 m)

Punta Canicero For this day there are 2 possibilities, the classical route or the alternative of passing by the Siula.

The classical route turns from the lake on into the Queropalca valley.
Another high valley leads us to the Punta Carnicero towards the highest point of today’s tour at 4600 meters.

While descending we will pass numerous lagoons until reaching the camp place at the Caserio de Huayhuash, 300 meters further down.

The other option offers even nicer views and leads us over the Laguna Siula.
We climb 200 meters up to the Laguna Quesillococha, which lies in between the impressive eastern flank of the Siula Grande.

From here on we carry on upwards, a pass at 4900 meters hight has to be overcome.

On the way lies another beautiful mountain creek, it is unbelievable clear. Now we will walk directly to the Camp Huayhuash.

This tour will take us 5-6 hours in total.

5. Day: Huayhuash (4330 m) - Pass Portachuelo (4730 m) - Viconga (4400 m).

Portochuelo The trek leads us further into a high valley.
On half of the route in between the Huayhuash and the Portachuelo an interesting pass crossover is located, for which usually special ice equipment is needed.

Next to the Trapecio (5644m) and the Puscanturpa (5430m) also the Portochuelo (4730m) appear impressively in our view.

For camping we will use the Laguna Viconga (4400m) or the Cajatambo village (3400 m).

6. Day: Viconga - Punta Cuyoc (5020 m) - Huanacpatay (4325 m).

Punta Cuyoc From Viconga we cross dense Ichu grass towards northeast. Later on the way gets more and more stony, no wonder, as we are passing the Punta Cuyoc, the highest point of the whole trip.

Therewith we cross the 5000m barrier for the first time.
Eventually it will be also possible to include another hike to another small 5000er.

But in every case, the panorama over the Cordillera Huayhuash is just breathtaking.

We follow the path into the close valleys where there are a lot of possibilities for camping. Until here it will take us 7-8 hours.

7. Day:Huanacpatay - Before Pueblo Huayllapa (3600 m) - in direction Punta Tapush; Camp Huatiac (4300 m).

From Huanacpatay Afterwards the way goes further upwards again, leading us through, we are passing the small village Huayllapa, we will see many local people - our next Camp Huatiac.

8. Day:Huatiac - Punta Tapush (4800 m) - Laguna Susucocha - Cashpapampa (4500 m).

Afterwards the way goes further upwards again, leading us through the Pampa of a high pass, namely Punta Tapush.

The way is steep, the cross over is 4800 meters high. From here on we climb downwards, our destination is our camp at the Laguna Susococha.

Today’s tour will take us more or les 3 hours until finally reaching the blue shining lagoon.

9. Day: Cashpapampa - Punta Yaucha (4870 m) - Camp Jahuacocha (4066 m). Option: ascent Diablo Mudo (5350 m)

Diablo Mundo From Susacocha we climb up the Diablo Mundo towards one of the easiest 5000er in the Huayhuash region.

It should lay a bit of snow on this height of 5350 meters, nevertheless the ascend can be managed without difficulties.

Especially Jirishanca and Yerupaja play to the gallery beautifully.
For those who want to take it easy today, they can take the easier way over the 4800 meters high paso Yaucha, beautiful views included.

In every case a few meters descent are waiting for us, as today’s destinations the Laguna Jahuacocha at a height of 4066 meters.

Here at the border of the huge Yerupaja we will build up our tents, the views are always breathtaking. The route will take about 8 - 10 hours activity.

10. Day: Trekking Jahuacocha - Pampa Llamac (4300 m) - Huaraz

Llamac Today our way up is not too long, “only” up to the 4300 meters high Pampa Llamac.
Before we will climb a bit further down to a small river, passing a real green land.

From the pass the way leads us directly into the small Andean village Llamac, where we will conclude today’s tour.
This we should have managed within 4 hours. Therefore we will have enough time to enjoy the overwhelming mountain region and the immense panorama.

From Llamac we will return to Huaraz we can again enjoy a bit of luxury.

As you wish This day can be used as an additional day for surrounding the Huayhuash and can be arranged accordingly.

As well be could shorten the tours a bit in order to have more time to admire the beautiful environment.

Fhotos Trekking Cordillera Huayhuash:

Paso San Antonio - Trekking Huayhuash

Paso Yaucha - Trekking Huayhuash

Camp Huanacpatay - Trekking Huayhuash

Cordillera Huayhuash - Trekking Huayhuash

Dates and Prices

Tour Information:

Season: May to October



* 01.05. - 10.05.2017
* 01.06. - 10.06.2017
* 01.07. - 10.07.2017
* 01.08. - 10.08.2017
* 01.09. - 10.09.2017
* 01.10. - 10.10.2017
* 01.11. - 10.11.2017

Program: Information in PDF


* 1150.00 USD per person
* For climbing Diablo Mudo extra payment of 150 USD per person


Available-CONTACT *Available

Juventino and Eric Albino

10 days 

Minimal: 2  Maximal: 15 

Country / Location:

Mountain Guide:
Juventino Albino Caldua

Other dates / additional info:
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3% early bird discount when booking 6 months prior to departure 2017

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