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USA: Alaska Expedition Denali - Mount McKinley (6193 m) with a Russian Mountain Guide 7 SUMMITS CLUB Collection

Climbing on Mount McKinley, the highest point in North America - is a completely unforgettable experience of being in the world of snow and ice, polar sun communicate with climbers from different countries, reaching a common goal. Natural conditions are difficult: tents put snowy expanses of uninhabited, glaciers around the only with a lot of cracks, the temperature can drop to - 25-35 degrees. On the other hand - is the polar day, it is a clear introduction to the American organization, with the right approach to all the little things that can play a role in the ascent. Under the direction of a guide of 7 Summits Club and the American Alpine Ascents guide company you can properly orgnaizovat rhythm of movement, to distribute the forces and uvas are more likely to succeed.

Moscow - Anchorage - Talkeetna - l. Kahiltna - top of Mount McKinley (Denali) - climb the path of recovery

USA: Alaska Expedition Denali Mount McKinley


Project Seven Summits. Tours and Expeditions 7 Summits Club. Climbing the classic route (West Battres - West Buttress).

Warning: "7 Summits Club" - the only Russian company that has a formal right to organize commercial expedition on Mount McKinley.

We are working with one of the six licensed American companies have the exclusive right to provide the services of guides to McKinley!

This program we organize our representative from the club one time per year. Ascent of Mount McKinley - the highest point in North America - is sometimes compared with the ascent Everest complexity. It's really harsh and cold tents of uninhabited expanses of snow, glaciers with a lot of cracks, temperature up to - 25-35 degrees. In general, we need to think carefully before you go to such an adventure. Proposed route - a classic climbing route to the summit of McKinley (Denali or that place Aleut language means "high" or "great") - on the West Buttress (West Buttress) . The main part of the road passes through the "closed" Glacier (glacier, the surface of which is covered with snow, ice cracks are not visible). All this snow and ice route does not pose any major technical problem, although the slope of the individual sites can be up to 40-45 degrees. These sites provesheny railing. Route (total length about 30 km) goes through the Kahiltna Glacier camp 2400m, 3000m, 3300m. It is about 15km skiing Ski tour, dragging a sledge loaded with. Then leave skis (usually in the camp at 3300m Eleven) and in cats sovershaeyut sufficiently long transition through the "Windy Corner", a height of 4330m. This Advanced Base Camp (or Camp Ranger). Next go to 5200 in the assault camp and from here, through the "Pass Denali" climbing to the top. Route is complicated by very low temperatures (a problem even go to the bathroom) and an abundance of large cracks.

Tour program

Day 1 Arrive in Anchorage. Transfer to the hotel (20 min). Overnight at the hotel.
Day 2 Buying food in a supermarket in Anchorage. Transfer to Talkeetna (2.5 hours, 100 km). Night in the house of TAT (type mountain hut).
Day 3 Meeting at the Rangers in the morning (getting of permits and instructions). Packing things. Depart on a glacier in the afternoon (40 min.). Arrival of the glacier (2200m). Digging holes under the tent. Set up camp. Dinner. Overnight in tents.
Day 4 On the route. The transition from the aerodrome (7200 feet, 2200 meters) to Camp 1 "fork" (7800 feet). Set up camp. Overnight in tents.
Day 5 Carrying loads to Camp 2 "Upper Kahiltna Glacier" (9600 feet, 2900m). Return to Camp 1
Day 6 Going to Camp 3 (11,000 feet, 3350m). Usually you leave skis and sleds, as well as part of the products on the descent.
Day 7 Taking the zabrosku from Camp 2 and stay at Camp 3
Day 8 Getting to at Windy Corner, is considered a key part of the bottom of the route. Descent to Camp 3 (11 feet). Night in Camp 3 at 11,000 feet, 3350m.
Day 9 Going to BC Jenet Basin anyway "Camp Ranger" (14,200 feet, 4330m). Will move through the famous Windy Corner. Night at the Camp Ranger.
Day 10 Rest and acclimatization at Camp Ranger at 4330m.
Day 11 Getting to the ridge to high camp (about 5000m). Railing. Descent to BC at 4330m. Night in BC at 4330m.
Day 12 The transition to the assault camp (17,200 feet, 5240m). Night 5240m.
Day 13 Rest and acclimatization in the camp at 5240m. (Depending on the circumstances, it may climb to this day)
Day 14 Climbing to the top of Mount McKinley / Denali (6193m). Descent to the camp at 5240m.
Day 15 Descent to the Camp Ranger (14,200 feet, 4330m). Night 4330m.
Day 16 Descent to Camp 3 (11,000 feet, 3350m).
Day 17 Ds (on skis or snowshoes) to the airfield at 7200 ft / 2200m. Night at the airport.
Day 18 Flight to Talkeetna. Night in the house of TAT.
Day 19 Moving to Anchorage. Overnight at the hotel.
Day 20 Reserve day in case of bad weather.
Day 21 Reserve day in case of bad weather.
Day 22 Reserve day in case of bad weather.
Day 23 Transfer to the airport. Flight to Moscow.

The price includes:

  • Head from the club "7 Summits" (climber to McKinley, Everest)
  • 2-bed American guides per group
  • Meeting at the airport and transfer airport - hostel in Anchorage
  • internal and / flights Talkeetna-Kahiltna Glacier (2200m) -Talkitna
  • Move Anchorage - Talkeetna - Anchorage
  • Hotel hostel (2 nights in Anchorage)
  • Hotel TAT in the house for climbers (2 nights)
  • signing necessary documents for obtaining the permit
  • Advice route
  • all common equipment (tents, torches, ropes, public utensils, shovels)
  • fod route of ascent (from the Kahiltna Glacier)
  • aptechka
Not included:

  • s / flight Moscow - Anchorage - Moscow (1700 USD)
  • signing American visa (200 USD)
  • alpinistskaya insurance (120 USD)
  • Personal equipment
  • food in urban and extra nights in cities
  • permit to climb (from 350 in .e.)

USA: Alaska Expedition Denali Mount McKinley

Required documents:

- Passport
- filled with a special form to obtain the permit or questionnaire in Russian
- documents for a visa
- A completed application for an American visa


Recommended flight flight "Aeroflot" Moscow Seattle-Anchorage (arriving the day of departure). However, this flight is necessary to pay immediately (reservation is held 3 days). You can carry two pieces of luggage of 32 kg.

Removals Anchorage, Talkeetna, Anchorage, AK - by minivan.

Talkeetna Flight-Kahiltna Glacier, Talkeetna on small local firms planes (plane takes 4-5 people and a load of 50 kg per person)


In Anchorage hotel accommodation 2 nights (1-by-1 on arrival and departure flight). In Talkeetna stay at the lodge for climbers (hostel).


On the route of cooking is carried out independently. Purchase of all products is usually done in a supermarket in Anchorage Carrs.

The wait staff:

Throughout the program in a group of works from an experienced guide of 7 Summits Club. On the route from Talkeetna to the group is also working on the American guides litsenzirovannnoy company (2 people per group of 6-8 members) Medical and Insurance

Doctors (volunteers) are on Kahiltna Glacier, in BC 4300 (Camp Ranger). First Aid Kit will be the leader, but we need to take personal medication. Also recommend that you start taking vitamins for a month before the trip. And even better - get a pre-acclimatization (eg, during the May holidays go to Elbrus).


Afternoon on a glacier near 0 night -10-20. At a height may fall to -30-35 ° C. Weather is changeable and unstable. Often due to bad weather have to sit in the camps.

Estimated additional expenses:

Food in Anchorage about 20-30 dollars a night in Talkeetna food 10-20 dollars cheaper good breakfast in Road House (less than $ 10 polportsii).

USA: Alaska Expedition Denali Mount McKinley

Dates and Prices

Tour Information:

June to July


6, medium-hard (technical 3 + altitudinal 3)


* 20.06. - 12.07.2017

* 12,960 USD (538,084 rubles)


Available-CONTACT *Available

Korobeshko Ludmila

18 days

Minimal: 6  Maximal: 15

Country / Location:
Alaska (USA)

Mountain Guide:
Alexander Abramov
7 Summits Club

Other dates / additional info:
Contact Us

3% early bird discount when booking 6 months prior to departure 2017

Legend Booking-information
EZZ Single room supplement
On this trip, places are still available. - CONTACT US On this trip, places are still available.
On this trip, only a few places left. On this trip, only a few places left.
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Korobeshko Ludmila 7 SUMMITS CLUB - RUSSIA
Korobeshko Ludmila

E.mai: info@7vershin.ru

The first Russian woman to complete the projects of 7 Summits.
third Russian woman, who ascended Everest
World Record in the velocity of the 7 Summits of women
mountain guide.

Alexander Abramov
Alexander Abramov
E.mai: info@7vershin.ru

Master of Sports in mountaineering ,Instructor of mountaineering, mountain guide, The first Russian man to complete the 7 Summits and the 14 eight thousand Himalayan Mountains

Juventino Albino Caldua
Mountain Guide & Tour Operator
Mobile: +51 943780600

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