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Peru expeditions - Huaraz - Tripadvisor!

About our Aventure Travel Agency in Huaraz, Peru.
Our main office in Huaraz, Peru - South America

"Peru Expeditions EIRL Team
- Trekking, Climbing & Expeditions - International Adventures & Expeditions" Adventure Travel Agency was originally founded by Victor Albino more than 35 years ago. When he started this business, Victor Albino worked as a porter, donkey driver, cook and as a guide for European customers.

Having so much experience to rely on, his son, Juventino Martin Albino Caldua, has followed his father footsteps into tourism and started guiding in 1980 after studing 3 years at the “Peruvian School of Mountain Guides - Casa de Guias CEAM - Centro de Estudios de Alta Montaña” Formed under a bilateral agreement called the ‘’Alps -Andes Project‘’ between Switzerland and Peru. Its objectives are to train professional guides (School of mountain Guides) to be an official mountain guides of the AGMP. ‘’MOUNTAIN GUIDE ASSOCIATION OF PERU’’ belongs to the IFMGA (INTERNATIONAL FEDERATION OF MOUNTAIN GUIDE ASSOCIATION) which ensures dedicated, professional service.

Since completing his studies, Juventino has worked extensively with the European Guides members UIAGM, organizing expeditions to the Cordillera Blanca and Cordillera Huayhuash in the Ancash State, Peru.

Currently, he is a member of AGMP - UIAGM as a Professional Mountain Guide.

Juventino Martin Albino Caldua, son of Victor Albino, has gathered an immense amount of experience by working with his father and foreign associations, and has founded the Adventure Travel Agency “Peru Expeditions” in South America and manages the business as the General Manager.

Juventino has 3 sons. Eric Albino Lliuya is the oldest one. He is 30 years old and he is is from the same “Peruvian School of Mountain Guides - Casa de Guias CEAM - Centro de Estudios de Alta Montaña” and is following his father's footsteps into tourism.

Eric Albino Lliuya is following with new destinations as well as leading tours in diferent countries in South America.

The other two sons, Edwin and Elmer, are twins. They are 21 years old and they are both studying to be official trekking guides.
Our Documents in PDF
Approbation-National-Park-Huascaran-Peru Expediton Proof of Registration
License Adventure Travel Agency Peru Expedition
Approbation-National-park-huascaran-Peru Expediton
Proof of Registration-Peru-Expedition
License adventure travel agency-Peru Expedition
Certified Mountain Guide-Juventino Albino 1 Certified Mountain Guide-Juventino Albino 2 Certificate-Training Course-Peru Expedition
Certified mountain guide-Juventino Albino 1
Certified mountain guide-Juventino Albino 2
Certificate-training course-Peru Expedition
Our Mission:
Our aim is to offer friendly, professional and especially secure services to our clients for a good price.

We offer full service for groups of any size, day tours, hire of mules and muleteers for people who travel independently and wish to go on a trek or a climbing expedition by themselves.

  • Use one of our programs or set up your own itinerary
  • Free information
  • Reservation of your hotel or hostel
  • Return transfer to and from the airport to the hotel
  • Private transport Lima – Huaraz – Lima
  • Experienced and qualified climbing guides from AGMP - UIAGM - IFMGA
  • Experienced and qualified trekking guides
  • Excellent cooks and porters
  • Muleteers, mules and campsite guards
  • Full board during trekking or climbing expeditions
  • Equipment rental
  • Day and City Tours

TREKKING IN PERU www.southamericaclimbing.com 
CLIMBING IN PERU www.peruexpeditions.pe
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TREKKING IN THE PERUVIAN ANDES www.peru-trekking-und-bergsteigen.de
TREKKING CEDROS ALPAMAYO PERU www.bergsteigen-suedamerika.de
INKA CULTUR MACHU PICHU PERU www.peru-trekking-viajes.com 
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TREKKING IN HUAYHUASH PERU   www.peru-trekking-expeditions.travel


Juventino Albino Caldua
Mountain Guide & Tour Operator
Mobile: +51 943780600

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Eric Albino Lliuya
General Sales Manager
RPM: # 943081066
fono Phone: +51 043 220733

Location Psj. Santa Teresa #133-Nueva Florida - Huaraz

Internet-JUVENTINO ALBINO Website: www.peru-expeditions.org
Contact us!E-mail: office@peru-expeditions.org

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